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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

I love the name zeolite before I every tried this clay! I mean the name starts with a Z. It sounds like if you made up the periodic table zeolite would be the last element. I've added cambrain blue clay and helicrysum essential oil, just a couple of drops and... DANG!

Try mixing a half teaspoon of honey, plain organic full fat yogurt, hydrosol, water or any kind of milk you like with a half teaspoon of facial mask and apply to your face, neck and chest. I have these special little cups for mixing too, also pictured. I love them they are the perfect size, you can use any container you wish but please don't add anything directly to the facial mask jar.


One ounce in glass jar.

The first 3 of these comes with a free brush.



No contact pick up is available. I refund overages of shipping. I use USPS for delivery. On Thursdays I am at Four Sisters Farmers Market if you'd like to pick up your order, please use FM recommended safety requests.

**2020 Market Rules & Guidelines

Stay home if you or someone in your home are sick.

11 - 12 pm is for immunocompromised shoppers, Elders, and First Responders

Maintain 6-foot distance from others

No dogsWear a facemask or covering-Limit shoppers to 1 if possible

No eating. Takeout is available from Pow Wow Grounds Coffee

Don't touch and let vendors serve you

Limit socializing

Plan to use the restroom at home because our public restrooms are closed

Shop efficiently and shop with a grocery list if you can

Open Thursdays July 16 - October 15, 202011 - 12 PM is for Elders, First Responders & Immunocompromised

12 - 3 PM is Open for Everyone.

cambrian, zeolite clay and helicrysum essential oil facial mask