Hart Oracul Divination set four –

The pieces are made from deer antler and bundled in a deer hide mat. The symbols, written in Ogham, are applied by pyrography (burning) on each of the deer antler pieces. Each set is different and unique. No two sets are the same. This is the exact set you will receive. I hand make each part of these divination tools.
Ogham is one of the oldest known forms of writing. I use the letters for the sacred trees and plants of my people. Because Ogham is a language people no longer use much of the knowledge is buried.
Divining through these is an easy process. Gently toss the antler pieces onto the deer hide mat. Each symbol has a different meaning. If they land on top of each other combine their meanings. When using shadow meanings, the symbols that are not visibly displayed are the shadow meaning or the opposite meaning. If you read without shadow meanings, throw the antler piece that isn't showing the letter a second time or flip it over. When using Hart Oracul I read with shadow meanings. This set of tools comes with a separate printed card for reference. They have been cleansed in salt. Although I smoothed out the edges as much as possible my hands are like bear paws and I can't always feel delicate sharp points. Please be careful when handling these. Supervise children.
I use deer antler and deer hide in making these because of the sacred and long history Celtic, especially Scottish, people have with deer. I cannot more emphatically inform you of the importance of the deer culturally. Another name for the Red Deer native to Scotland is Hart. Legend has it that resistors (like Robin Hood) would disguise themselves as harts.
The meanings of the letters are as follows
FEARN ~ ALDER: Her months are March and April. Protects against water and when soaked in water is nearly indestructible. Tells of coming out, a shield from darkness, a guardian. Associated with rebirth and blood of the womb. In traditional healing it is used to treat fevers and used for nursing people.
CIERT ~ APPLE: She is associated with May and June. Needs water and light. One of the eldest beings. Otherworldly and Otherworld. Takes us to the Land of Women.  The guiding tree to our wishes and aspirations, our achievements and failed achievements.
NION ~ ASH  Ash grows in any soil. Months are spring, color association is flower white, flexible and useful. Young fighters’ strength and control of oneself. The three that exist in all things. In traditional healing a laxative and diuretic, fever reducer and used for rheumatism.
PEITH ~ BIRCH The First Tree, our oldest tree relative, spread seeds everywhere, tells use when to plant in the spring, the tree of all knowledge, expels evil, renewal and purification. The tree of love. Traditional healing uses birch sap for pain, wine and vinegar making, fevers, soothing ointment for our skin can be made of distillation of birch bark.
COLL ~ HAZEL  Associated with February and March. Color association is red, very adaptable and flexible, resilient but tough. The place of the Sidhe. Our senses come from Hazel tree, as does Art and Science. Poets are from Hazel trees. Helps with inspiration. As I sit here, I focus on Hazel and Birch in my hall.
SAIL ~ YARROW:  Traditional healing uses Yarrow to stanch blood flow. Stopping the flow, altering the path, slowing the flow, thoughtful and careful. (Sail represents yarrow but does not translate into Yarrow.)
MUIN ~ VERVAIN:  Prophecy. The future. Warnings. Visions. The herb of Cerridwen. Also, abundant crops, protection from the evil eye. Traditionally used for kidneys.(Muin represents vervain but does not translate into Vervain.)
EADHADH ~ EYEBRIGHT: Brightens the eyes for seeing the truth, recognizing deception; for speaking, your truth; to allow for the truth, hearing the truth, knowing the truth. To be aware of the deceptions at your door. It is the herb of Leo. Traditionally used as an eye wash. (Eadhadh represents vervain does not translate into Eyebright.)
Until recently, because of *CIRCUMSTANCES,* I had a once-a-year open house party at my home and read for people with in whichever form came to mind. It was very popular and I'm sure one of the reasons people came. I'll have to start doing that party again, perhaps outside in the spring.
Green Blessings upon you, maya


Everything I make is formulated with organic + wild harvested botanicals, naturally shed antlers gathered and created with loving intention for you, me, the Earth and Plants, contains no harsh chemicals, additives, fragrances, colorants or other harmful synthetic ingredients and are sold at Farmers Markets and local stores in Minneapolis Minnesota.

All containers are home + municipal compostable or reusable and recyclable. I use as little plastic as possible.

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hart oracul oracle divination set four of deer antler and held in deer hide

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