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THIS IS IT! That which I have been sneek peaking! I am so excited!


This is similar to the kits I used when I was teaching herbs in school. If you are trying to supplement home schooling or learning at home this is so perfect! You alone, or with the kids you care for will have everything you need for making salves, tinctures, oils and syrups. All the herbs in the kit can be used to make multiple potions, for instance the calendula flowers make an incredible oil or salve (a salve is just an oil with wax added.) calendula vinegar, tincture or honey. The roses can be a tincture, oil or salve, you can combine the calendula and roses to make a great salve, balm or oil. The elderberries can be a syrup or a tincture, nettles can go in vinegar or a daily nourishing infusion. Chamomile can be a great tea, added to an oil or salve, or made into a syrup.

This kit gives you everything you need except a very few very basic kitchen items, like a pot or pan, a strainer or cheesecloth (a old cotton t shirt cut up works really well too, maybe better.)

So if you need something to do, something healing and learning and doing, this is perfect. I include all the directions and a ton of ideas in a booklet enclosed in a velveteen bag and I am available via phone, email or social media if you need help, but I am sure you can do this, all the directions are right with you.


  • four bags of organic herbs
  • bag of organic elderberries
  • four 2 ounce tincture jars
  • syrup or vinegar or oil jar
  • beeswax
  • labels for you to fill out
  • booklet of directions
  • velveteen bag
  • large hexagon jar
  • small hexagon jar



No contact pick up is available. I refund overages of shipping. I use USPS for delivery. On Thursdays I am at Four Sisters Farmers Market if you'd like to pick up your order, please use FM recommended safety requests.

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herbal learning and doing kit